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GM Wire Harness Modification

GM Wiring Modification of LS and LT Wiring Systems

You must have the harness off of the donor LT1, TPI, LS1 engine, undamaged. We re-configure and tail out what needs to be used, to run the engine and transmission correctly, at full power . This is a very complete service we offer, the wire harness also will look new. Our customers use this service to deploy a new modern fuel injected power plant inĀ  sand rails, kit cars, off road race rigs, street rods and 4×4 trucks. You can place the modified wire harness anywhere space and location permits. If you have a required length or drawn up measurements for a specific engine, that we produce a wire harness for, email us we will let you know what the cost. The above wire harness is the I6 4.2 engine from GM.

What You Gain by Using / Modding Your Wiring

You save time, and money by having SSW perform a wire harness modification – on the donor LS, LT, wire harness. You also cut the wait time and know 100% that all of the existing connectors fit on your motor. Many times customers may have mismatched sensors and parts, you can make a note of this difference, SSW will change out for the quoted price. When using a factory harness – SSW does not add length to the harness trunk. So,the length will not be changed, if you desire a longer harness, please look at our “Pro Harness” section and scroll accordingly to the appropriate LS wire system you desire. We return every mod with the following, 100% operational:

  • OBDII Link
  • Service Engine Soon Trigger
  • Tach Lead
  • VSS Lead
  • Transmission Wiring
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • VATS Removed
  • ECM Programmed With Base Tune
  • Wiring That Actually Works

In Closing

The Speed Scene Wiring harness modification service is starts at $600.00 plus shipping. SSW does not offer a mod service, for a lower price. We provide a reliable and consistent service, that must sustain a specific cost in order to exist. We spend more than 40 hours with your wiring, as well as program the operating system, it simply cannot be done for a cheaper price. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”


Contact us to order a modified harness.