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Speed Scene Wiring, LLC.

Limited 2 Year Warranty

Speed Scene Wiring, LLC. warrants its wire harness to be free from defects and workmanship error, being the product of purchase was a stand alone or equal or lesser value of a new wire harness. Limited warranty inholdings for a modified wire harness are covered, just against craftsmanship defect, connectors, terminals, etc. are not covered.

This warranty does not cover any labor or materials not furnished by the manufacturer or shipping charges. It also does not cover any harness repair or altered, in any way shape or form. Misuse and/or misapplication of the product and outcome/effect of physical or electrical properties of electricity, grounding, ignition power or battery power .Nor will it cover and form of inadequate repair. Late model computers malfunction when an undisclosed forms of resistance build up, created by butt connectors. Refund policy electrical parts including harnesses. No refund. Automotive parts carry a 15% restocking fee. Computer programs carry a lifetime warranty on the original, computer and or does not apply if computer expires its life / operating expectancy of 5 years or 50.000 miles. No warranty will be offered if the computer is reprogrammed or altered by anyone other than Speed Scene Wiring, LLC. Charges will incur and signature will be used if repair is rendered / needed. Invoice will be supplied.

This warranty is extended to the first purchaser of the wire harness, no exceptions will be made. A dated receipt must be present for any and all claims. If any portion of the wire harness has been modified, excessive tie strapping or other form of fastener is used. The warranty does not cover claims of any type damage or internal engine damage, or its components due to a malfunctioning component weather it be mechanical or electrical. Speed Scene Wiring, LLC EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS any liability for damages caused by its product used in competition events of any kind. Speed Scene Wiring, LLC also EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS any liability of damages due to the vehicle, person or any involved. Some states may not allow a limitation of time frame of warranty. For some intensive purposes, the above warranty may not apply to you, the overall reason for this letter is to inform you of specific legal rights. You may have other rights that vary from state to state.


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