GM DIY Wiring Club

Have you ever started a wiring project, only to have it come to a screeching-halt, because you searched and searched all over the INTERNET, to try and find the correct schematic. Speed Scene Wiring has done it again. They have made a universal “skeleton key” schematic system that provides all of the information you’ll need to service, modify or build a LS, LT or TPI harness. So, if your ready to get started, click on the desired file, for example “TPI Builder Info 1989” – fill out the registration, and log in. You will have access to way-more data than you need but stay calm, membership has its privileges, just drop us an email if you need something that you don’t see. Once your in the club; We’ve got your back!

The Membership

The DIY membership is simple and structured as wide open, we’re not holding anything back. You will have access to every part of this website. Such as the schematics, Delphi terminal part numbers, GM Weather Pack seals and diagram information. At this time and space, in human existence, the customers has the opportunity to research any and all avenues pertaining to GM power plant conversion and wire harness creation. The competition would love for us – not to publish this information. We have personally made a commitment to provide new information weekly, giving you an irrefutable information source, for a very reasonable membership fee.

LS wiring club, LS7 connector information

In Closing

Now is the time to get your project started, finished, sold or enjoyed. If you are looking for something in particular – sign up for the monthly membership. After you are a member; request a document and we will serve it up to you. You get one special (custom) request per-year. Some sections may require an additional member fee is required, we will let you know the fee. All members are truly special to the growth of this new section. We strive to go above, and beyond to provide fanatical technical assistance. Monthly cost is based on actual DIY needs of each individual project.

Click Here If you are a Member. 

Email us to join our club – billing is done monthly. We will bill your monthly fee based on the requirements of your environment and scale.

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