Painless Wiring

Painless Wiring | Speed Scene Wiring LS1LS2LS3LS6LS7 – LS9 Wire Harness Comparison

Painless Wiring and Speed Scene Wiring are manufacturers of engine wiring for late model Vortec GM LS1LS2LS3LS7 – LS9 wire harnesses. The beauty of the painless wiring harness is the fast delivery of the product, due to a mass-scale wire harness assembly line, painless wiring has deployed in there wire harness manufacturing plant.

Painless Wiring is a large distributor and manufacturer of engine wiring harnesses, body wiring, electrical switches and new to them, mechanical throttle bodies and diesel engine performance upgrades.

Painless Wiring roughly yields 3000 harnesses yearly which may account for 60% of the aftermarket performance wiring industry. Painless Wiring and Painless Performance are great at providing body harnesses and switches for older street rods.

Painless wiring also offers computer programming for all late model Vortec LS1LS2 – GM power-plants. In some cases they may even update your cal file for free.

Speed Scene Wiring is a smaller, more custom wire harness manufacturing company producing 400 harnesses yearly. With a focus on custom wiring, Speed Scene Wiring has a skill-set that is hard to come by, with a specialty in GM electronics. If you know exactly what you want out of a harness, Speed Scene Wiring can custom tailor any GM wire harness to your exact needs, in any vehicle.

If you are in the market to convert your existing GM power-plant over to a new late model GM or Dodge engine, Speed Scene Wiring is the place. SSW has a solid 14 year reputation for taking older fuel injected wiring and bringing the electronics up to date for the customer.

Speed Scene Wiring like Painless Wiring, also offers computer programming, to Blue-print the exact specifications of the new engine, with the wiring harness. Once you are a customer of Speed Scene Wiring, they will also update your cal-file for the life of your ECM.

Note to customer: Don’t base you decision solely on price. Like the old saying goes “you do get what you pay for”. Call Painless Wiring and Speed Scene Wiring and talk to each company and see which product is the right fit for you.