Body Wiring

Speed Scene Wiring is now retro fitting mini-fuse modules in place of the old glass fuse modules, to give your street rod a more modern electrical foundation. The benefits of updating your original wire harness to the modern architecture are endless. Some wiring companies offer you 24 circuits or 18 circuits, or less. On most of the modern street rods we have done, 98% of them require a professionally structured power regulation system, to properly run a fuel injected power-plant and body harness. We offer this feature in all body harnesses we perform this conversion on.


Old glass fuse box.


New LS3 retro fuse box

Severely damaged section of the body wire harnessing will be repaired – restructured complete with modern weather-resistant connectors, thus giving you piece of mind that all electrical terminals are sealed, and not open to the elements. We will personally call you to go over the electrical system and the needs of power usage, which the entire system is requiring.

We have outfitted some very unique customer requirement. Such as heads up-displays, night vision, GPS, WIFI and SAT-Com systems in street rods, rock crawlers and hunting off road rigs. We can accommodate and properly structure the wiring system, to handle this type of action.

If your street rod is RUNNING out of power, its time to go retro, modern and modular, Speed Scene Wiring can now help with your body harness needs. Let us know if we can be of service to you.

We also extend our electrical expertise to repairing boats, and crafts that float. So, if yours has caught fire, in the engine bay area, we can rebuild it back to factory specks. Price is different on each job. Please come by or arrange the shipping – to be delivered to SSW main office, in San Antonio, TX to begin the quote process. Speed Scene Wiring’s Marine division is also interested in production deals for marine wiring systems. Please email your diagrams and or CAD file, so we can quote the project.