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The LS2 wire harness is ready for your consumption. Like all of our pro series harnesses, they have been tested in the field, before we sell the finished product to you. One of many attractions of the LS2 is the integration of the throttle actuator controllers (TAC) new location, inside the ECM computer.

This Pro Series LS2 wire harness is wired for a standard, 6 Speed shift car, we also offer 4L60E automatic,the 4L65E transmission for the LS2 & 4L70E transmission for the LS2. If you are planning on running any modern automatic GM transmission you will need know, the transmission needs a separate computer (TCM) standing for transmission control module. This module also requires programming.

The Speed Scene Wiring LS2 wire harness with the auto transmission will require two computers. If you decide to go with a standard shift transmission, you will only need one GM-ECM.

All Speed Scene Wiring harnesses are delivered to you with the power section in pigtail form. We tail each power circuit individually to let you know exactly what that circuit is doing, and its power requirements.

When buying a body harness, plan for 6 ignition power cavities to run your LS2 wiring system. This way you will not need a supplemental fuse box in addition to your body fuse box, to run the harness, which makes for a difficult diagnosis in the years to come. Keep it as painless and as simple as possible when it comes to body wiring and fuel injection wiring of any LS wire harness.

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Quick Motor Specks of the LS2 EngineGM V8:
LS2 6.0L
CID 364
Compression Ratio 10.9:1
Firing Order LS2 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3