LS7 Wire Harness

ls7 harness

LS7 Wire Harness E 40 ECM

The LS7 wire harness is ready for your consumption. Like all of our Pro Series Harnesses, they have been tested in the field, before we sell the finished product to you. Many consider the LS7 to be the Largest, Most Powerful Small-Block Ever Built sitting @ 505-horsepower and more, with a bit of tuning. This Pro Series LS7 wire harness is wired for a standard 6 Speed, we also offer 4L65E automatic. For you automatic users, please be aware, GM has made a separate controller ( ECM )for the automatic Trans to shift, for a LS7 with fly-by-wire throttle, and 4L65E you will be running 2 computers. This package price includes the computer,the program loaded for standard shift car, Ho2 Sensors, O2 bungs, MAF Sensor, Pedal and a 12 circuit Delphi fuse box. Navigate to Get Wired, and order you harness today. This harness package will NOT run the 6L80E or ANY paddle shifted Operating System this is not available at this time. Whats-in-it for me Note: ALL of the components needed to run your LS7 engine, done deal. All tech and service is provided by the main wire lab in San Antonio, TX. Our world renowned – Fanatical Tech Help-is handled by in-house Engineering and Tech staff.

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