TBI  Engine Wiring System / TBI Wire Harness

The SSW TBI harness can be custom made for the application years 1986-91 pre 4L60E. Complete with the wiring for emissions and VSS. We also have a device that will allow you to delete the VSS circuit. The device replicates a signal to the computer; the computer still thinks its receiving the correct pulse.

1992-95 TBI wire harnesses can also be designed to the length you specify. In 1992 the 4L60E transmission was placed in the CK Chevy trucks. The main difference between the 4L60 and the 4L60E is the valve body.

What sets them apart is the (E), which stands for electronic valve body. With a SSW harness you have diagnostic capability (ALDL), spark control and all the correct power and ground connections required to run correctly.

TBI 1985-1995 204 HP 329 ft-lb Throttle Body Injection CK Chevy and GMC truck. You will find a creation of fuel injection known as Throttle Body Injection. This injection system in many opinions, to be the most reliable and self sustain design ever. Lasting 10 years makes this a successful engine and fuel injection design, from GM. The variation of sizes range from 4.3 5.0 5.7 and 7.4 liter servings. Pick your poison of any, check you power to weight ratio and enjoy a reliable engine in any size, from this genre.

The timing of this unit is a large High Energy Ignition (HEI) distributor, with a top mounted coil on the cap. In 1992-95 a new distributor design, that moved the coil to an external side mounted location, the new distributor known as Energy Ignition (EI) dubbed “Small distributor” was introduced that allowed a cleaner throttle response. The fuel metering is controlled by a basic Speed Density operation.

Consisting of RPM from the distributor, Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor to calculate the mass amount of air and the Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS). The system also has the capability of meter the vacuum through the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. The MAP sensor will adjust timing and fuel depending on load conditions, based on internal vacuum, In some situation the MAP sensor will adjust accordingly to altitude.

The TBI engine 1986-91 was equipped with two transmission option a 700R4 or 5 speed. In 1992 the 4L60E transmission was available as well as the big dog 4L80E transmission, only for the ¾ and 1 ton truck.


VSS Circuit
Diagnostic Link Connector
Correct Connector for Emissions Components
VSS Pigtail
Tach Pigtail