The TPI Speed Density 5.0L | 5.7L

The essentials to run a 7730 speed density tuned port injection system starting with the (A) cavity. A4 is a gray 5v reference for Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), A5 is 5-volt reference for TPS sensor, A6 is ignition power, A8 is serial data to the DLC connector. A11 dark green white to fuel pump drive. A12 goes to chassis ground / side of block or frame.

(B) cavity starting with b one is battery power, B5 and B6 are TPS and CTS sensor ground cavities – through B11 should be used accordingly depending on your install.

(C) cavity starting with C7 is the town black bypass going to distributor, EST white wire C9 A\C request, C11 and C12 are injector drivers, C16 is battery power.

(D) cavity starting with d 1 to ground, D6 and D7 also go to ground, D8 and D9 go to the distributor. D12 to Fan request, D14 – 4th gear switch and the 16 park / neutral. Cavity (E) is typically the green connector.

(E) The cavities E3 through E6 are for idle air control valve also known as IACV. E7 goes to check engine light ground, E12 is diagnostic test going to diagnostic link connector (DLC). E-13 fuel pump signal Grey, e14 oxygen sensor signal purple, E15 ground for oxygen sensor at computer. And E16 CTS sensor signal for the coolant temperature sensor.

The (F) cavity terminal F6 TCC control for 700 R4 transmission, F9 goes to ESC knock sensor signal / dark blue, F 13 is TPS signal, dark blue / throttle position sensor (TPS), S15 light green / manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) , F16 manifold air temperature also known as MAT.