GM Connectors

  1. Old style TPS connector 1984-1993 pn #65 ( located on the right side of the throttle body, passenger side).
  2. O2 connector, sensor end pn #13
  3. IAT connector 1992 and up GM pn #11 (located in the air duct).
  4. ALDL Connector all GM vehicles 1984-1995 Y-Body 1984-1995 pn #40

  1. The intended purpose for this connector is to convert the old style coil (4 Pin) over to the 1996-99 three pin coil. Vortec style. pn #2000
  2. Coil connector for the LS1 1998 pn #21
  3. Ground lug 3 wire pn #14
  4. Ground lug 2 wire pn #19

  1. Battery power fuse-able link pn #4500  (location, on any battery power feed).
  2. Oil pressure switch connector pn #18 (location, left side of the engine (driver) oil filter region).
  3. Heated O2 connector pn #28 (location, left or right depending on application).
  4. New style IACV on all 1994 – 2001 F-Body cars pn #75 (location, left side of the LS1 throttle body).
  5. New style VSS  standard transmission vehicles 1993-Now pn #12

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