By now I’m sure you’ve noticed the Speed Scene Wiring mascot. Let me take a moment and explain what he represents to our wiring company, and what that means for you, the customer.

First, I can assure you that Speed Scene Wiring is up-to-more than just gorilla business; we are busy creating awesome electrical wiring systems that do more than go from point A, to point B, with high efficiency, we make sure they actually work.

We love what the gorilla represents and want to mock almost every action, metaphorically speaking. If we all had more loyalty, honor, and patience, the world would be a better place. By nature the gorilla symbolizes:

  • Social Skills
  • Respect for Elders
  • Leadership
  • Care for Actions
  • Strength
  • Vast Learning Capability, with Complex Tasks
  • Connectivity
  • Honor

All of this is handled in there own language, a language that leads by example, and not by force or over reaction. The only time a gorilla has to show his position with force is when all other options have failed. They also teach us to be active in a community, be productive, and take accord of any decision they have personal control over.

The gorilla also is a sign of honor and a deep sense of wisdom, simply put – lead by example, or you’re out of the troop!

The gorilla also is very generous with his knowledge and shares with the other members of the tribe. Speed Scene Wiring also believes in this, the DIY division of our company helps customers modify, and repair there own LS1–LS2–LS3–LS7-LS engine wiring harnesses.



Like all Animals, even our very own Gorilla-Z gets lonely, so this past year he has been engaging in social media, online friend sites, as well as experiencing the Texas bar scene and has found him self a girlfriend, her name is Polly-G.

Who are we to tell him what to do in his spare time (-3Hrs a night), when he’s not making wire harnesses, programs or helping the fine customers of Speed Scene Wiring, he is out enjoying life and his private time, with his new found love.

Ending Note:  At SSW we’ve been building quality wiring harnesses and inter-connectivity devices, since 1999. SSW offers the electromotive industry knowledge – that hails from General Motors specialized electronics training, and aeronautical electrical systems. We also offer our research arm and prototype services, to many companies globally. As well as, re-branding of private label electrical devices, to many popular brands, in the automotive industry.

The goal of SSW is to provide everything to the customer that we possibly can. Every option fulfilled, custom measurement; no problem. Integrated circuit combination, done. Your desire to build a fuel efficient custom vehicle, fuels our imagination to create awesome products, that actually work.

If you are starting a fuel injection conversion, modifying to improve fuel efficiency, or horse power increase – it’s nice to have our experience by your side. So, keeping the tone true; what can Speed Scene Wiring do for you?