Vortec Big Block

This 1998 L29 Vortec Big Block harness is for the torque connoisseur. This application did not require us to run full emissions, so only the vital engine running condition sensors were used. This SSW wire harness is built from scratch with GM connectors, terminals and seals. The Vortec for this year has four HO2 sensors ( two pre-heated oxygen sensors, two post heated oxygen sensors). The factory trans application is the 4L80E, this transmission is one of the strongest General Motors has to offer, for a street rod , tow rig, rock crawler, ski-lift – (Not joking, we do them:)

4L80E acronym broken down.
4= Four gears.
L= Longitudinal = Rear wheel drive.
80= Up to 800Ft-lb of torque rating
E = Electronic